Have you ever been caught off guard by a client’s request?

Sure you’re great at connecting client’s to medical resources, but what about a request for housing or food because they haven’t eaten in the past 48 hours?

Have you felt that pressure before? The pressure of a  client placing their complete trust in YOU to deliver a much-needed resource to help them overcome some obstacle in their life.

When clients come to you requesting community resources it’s your job to offer… COMMUNITY RESOURCES. Or at the very least knock on enough cubicle doors until you do find that resource.

With limited time for research and new case files cascading down on you each day it can become overwhelming. Even if you’re highly skilled at “keeping calm and carrying on”.

After months at sea, drowning in my own pile of referrals, I knew it was finally time to take my own advice (advice I often give clients) and “attack the problem”.

It was out of this desperation. This frustration. This realization. And probably a few more “tions” that I built HoustonCaseManagers.com.

I’m Nick Bryant creator of HoustonCaseManagers.com. This site is a premium community resource guide dedicated to delivering easy to understand articles to residents all over the Houston area. We’re also dedicated to the busy case managers who don’t cut corners and the few like you who want to make a difference.

Whether you’re a medical professional or you yourself needs community resources we want to make your search as quick and painless as possible.

Here’s a few of the ways we that we make your search simpler:

  • Detailed listings – Obtaining a comprehensive list of community resources can be overwhelming as well as time-consuming.  Dialing each agency to learn the unique enrollment/client qualifications can quickly become an all-morning affair. To make more efficient use of your time we provide you with all of this information (demographic info, enrollment processes, client qualifications, maps, etc) upfront to save you the time and hassle of potential dead end resources.
  • Easy to understand instructions on enrollment – Here you’ll find easy to follow guidelines on enrolling you or your client’s in community service programs. Whether it’s Medicaid, Harris Health or local housing resources we offer step by step instructions to help you comfortably connect to local resources.
  • FREE Sharable Ebooks – If you need to share a resource we’ve made the process incredibly simple by offering FREE downloadable ebooks at the end of each article. Forward ebooks like “How Medicaid Estate Recovery Works”, “Houston Area Personal Care Homes” or “Guide to Understanding Your Health Insurance” to clients or family members.
  • Listing of local events – On our Events page you’ll find weekly job fairs to connect clients with, trainings that offer coveted CEU’s and even lively healthcare related festivals.

“Brevity” is our goliath. 

At HoustonCaseManagers.com we aim to provide you with the ultimate Houston community resource guide. After nearly 10 years of working in the field, we understand that it’s difficult finding detailed, up-to-date, program information. This is one of the main reasons this site was created.

If you are a medical provider working in Houston we invite you to bookmark this site and visit as often as you need. Also if there is a service that you provide to the community please tell us about it so that we can share this information with those who need it most.

In the meantime if there is anything I can help with regarding community resources email me at HOUBUSY@gmail.com, I’m happy to help.