How To Apply/Renew Your Texas ID | Phone, Online or DPS Office

how to apply/renew your texas ID

How To Apply/Renew Your Texas ID

In this guide, I will show you how to apply/renew your Texas ID card.

The DPS Offices generally have a bad reputation, although Texas has taken great strides to reduce the frustration for you. Whether you are new to the state or lost your card this guide will show you how to get an ID in Texas. 

How To Apply/Renew Your Texas ID

When applying/renewing your Texas ID you have 3 options:

  • Call the DPS
  • Visit
  • Find a DPS near you

First, we’ll start with the phone option.

How To Apply/Renew Your Texas ID Over The Phone

To apply/renew your Texas ID you’ll need to call the DPS at 866.357.3637.

The things you will need are:

  • Your ID – you’ll need to provide your ID number
  • Social Security Number
  • Credit card to pay your fees

They will ask you yes/no questions regarding any name or address changes which you can answer by simply dialing 1 or 2.

Once you have answered all of their questions, you’ll be prompted to use your credit card to make a payment. You can see the cost of the fees here.

How To Apply/Renew Your Texas ID Online

The process to renew or apply for a Texas ID online is just as easy as the phone option. You’ll start by visiting

Once you land on the home page, click the DRIVERS tab in the navigation menu.

renew texas ID

From here you’ll be taken down the page to a section that looks like this. Select the Driver License/ID Renewal/Replacement Option

renew texas id

At this point, you will need to enter your DL/ID number, DOB, etc to start the process. Once you have completed each of the necessary steps, you’ll pay the required fee. Again the cost of fees can be found here.

How To Apply/Renew Your Texas ID At A DPS Office

1. Gather These Personal Documents To Apply/Renew A Texas ID

Before you complete the application or visit a Houston DPS Office you should spend time collecting the needed documents to apply/renew your Texas ID.

Below are the things that you will need to provide proof of:

  • US Citizenship
  • That you are a Texas resident
  • Identity
  • Social Security Number

2. Complete An Application To Apply/Renew Your Texas Identification Card

Once you have gathered proof of your identity, residency, citizenship, etc its time to complete your Texas ID application.

Application To Apply/Renew Your Texas ID

If you cannot print this application your local Houston DPS Office can provide you with copies.

3. Find A Houston DPS Office Near You

The Department of Public Safety is the state agency that manages identification cards and driver licenses, therefore you will have to find one near your home.

Below is a map of the Houston DPS offices available to you:

Houston DPS Offices 

Below are addresses and telephone numbers of each Houston DPS office.

  • Baytown DPS – 5420 Decker Dr, Baytown, TX 77520 – 281.424.1339
  • East Houston – 11039 East Freeway #B, Houston, TX 77029 – 713.633.9872
  • Far North – Spring DPS – 4740 Spring Cypress, Suite 100, Spring, TX 77379 – 281.517.1620
  • Far NE – Humble DPS – 7710 Will Clayton, Humble, TX 77338 – 281.446.3391
  • NW Houston – Dacoma DPS – 4545 Dacoma, Houston, TX 77092 – 713.683.0541
  • North Houston – Veterans Memorial DPS – 8418 Veterans Memorial, Houston, TX 77088 – 281.449.2685
  • Rosenberg DPS – 28000 SW Freeway, Rosenberg, TX 77471 – 281.517.1630
  • SE Houston – Highway 3 DPS – 10810 Galveston Rd, Houston, TX 77034 – 281.929.5300
  • SW Houston – Gessner DPS – 12220 South Gessner, Houston, TX 77071  – 713.219.4100

If you live outside of the Houston area, go here to find your nearest Texas DPS office.

4. What Happens At The Houston DPS Office

Here is the process of what happens at the Houston DPS office when you are attempting to apply/renew your Texas ID card.

1. You will provide them with the documents we discussed above. This includes the application, proof of US citizenship, Texas residency, identification, and social security number.

2. You will have to provide your thumbprints.

3. Your picture will be taken.

4. You’ll pay the application Fee

Application Fees For A Texas ID Card

We have covered 3 ways to apply, but at this point you may be asking how much is a Texas ID? The cost will be determined by your age and I have listed those fees below:

  • 59 and younger new card – $16 – will expire after six years on birthday
  • 59 and younger renewal card – $16 – expires six years after previous expiration date
  • 60 and older new or renewal card – $6 – expires after 6 years on your birthday
  • Replacement ID Card – $11 – your current expiration date does not change


If you need to apply, renew or replace your Texas ID you have 3 options:

  • Call the DPS renewal line at 866.357.3637
  • Visit
  • Find a DPS near you

Calling or applying/renewing online are the least time consuming, but the DPS offices are still available for anyone who LOVES waiting in lines.

If you have questions regarding applying or renewing your Texas ID you can always contact the DPS at 512.424.2000 or visit the Texas Department of Public Safety website.

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  1. Howie Reply

    i just got out of the texas prison system, where i was given a texas identification card and the address on it was the prison i was at…..

    I lost it without being able to even use it.

    i dont know what my id number is and id like to get one sent to the sunrise church in austin where i can recieve mail at….

    please advise….

    i have no id or birth or ssn card to aid in this only my prison paperwork

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