How To Avoid A Sleepless Night At The Hospital

It’s just after 9 pm which typically means bedtime for you.

The only problem is you’re experiencing sharp stomach pains.

Pains that are preventing you from simply sleeping it off and visiting your doctor in the morning.

What’s person to do?

Your first option is to get out of your comfy bed, gather yourself and head to the closest crowded ER, fully aware that your non-life -threating ailment could lead to a 4 hour wait. That’s if you’re lucky.

The second option available to you (which many in the public are unaware of) is the 24 Hour Nursing Hotline.

In an effort to relieve increasingly crowded ERs more of these type of services are popping up.

A 24 hour nursing helpline typically works like this:

You call their helpline anytime of the day because its staffed with nurses who can triage you from the exact place you’re reading this article. Speak with the nurse about your current medical concerns (stomach pains, headache, toothache, etc) and they will provide you with professional advice regarding when and where you should go for treatment.

We can’t speak for every nurse helpline although the two we’re about to refer to you are free regardless of whether you have insurance or even a doctor.

Nurse Health Line – 713.338.7979 (Houston area) or 1.855.577.7979 (Toll free)

Ask Your Nurse – 713.633.2255 (Houston area)

These nurse lines are convenient although they aren’t a substitute for seeing a doctor. If your situation is life-threating skip the numbers above and contact 911.

Houston Case Managers

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