What Are The Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder?

symptoms of bipolar disorder

In this article we will discuss the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

What Are The Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder?

The symptoms of bipolar disorder depend on the phase (depressive or manic).

During a depressive phase, everything is slow, dull, small, introverted, and hopeless.

In mania, things are overblown, huge, fast, outgoing, and full of impossible dreams.

Poor Concentration

Despite the different phases, the symptoms can me similar.  For example, the poor concentration of the depressed phase is similar to the distraction of the manic phase.

The moods are different, however both have trouble holding thoughts. The depressed person has fewer thoughts but cannot focus. The manic individual has excessive thoughts that rapidly cycle from one to the next.

Sleep Cycles 

Sleep cycles vary in both depressed people and manic people. This symptom of bipolar causes trouble for both phases.

An individual in the depressive state can take or leave sleep. At times they may sleep all day, while other times not even bothering to go to bed.

The person in a manic phase will most surely feel little or no need for sleep. They will go without sleep for days.

Suicidal Ideation / Psychosis

The symptoms of bipolar disorder which vary the most from depressives to manics happen at the far ends of the spectrum.

A person who is extremely depressed is likely to think dark thoughts about death, suicide, and even plans to commit suicide. The person who is manic enough can have strange thoughts such as delusions, and bizarre perceptions such as auditory and visual hallucinations.


If a person is truly bipolar, he or she will display some, if not all, of the symptoms of bipolar disorder on both the depressed and manic sides of the line. Because this illness is so serious and can have life changing consequences for the person with it, it is important to recognize the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

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