Houston Coronavirus Testing: Find Testing Locations Near You

houston coronavirus testing

Houston Coronavirus Testing: Find Testing Locations Near You

It’s taken some time, but Houston is finally starting to receive testing kits to screen the community for Coronavirus. 

Coronavirus is a serious respiratory illness that can be easily spread from person to person. For this reason, it’s important to first stop the spread of the virus and then provide treatment to those individuals who are affected. 

If you feel that you could be infected with Coronavirus you should definitely seek places for testing. In this article, I will provide you with locations in Houston that offer Coronavirus testing. 

Before listing the Houston Coranavirus testing locations, let’s do a quick review of the basics of Coronavirus. 

Basics Of Coronavirus

As aforementioned Coronavirus is a respiratory illness that is highly infectious

How Is Coronavirus Spread?

The virus is spread from person to person mainly through droplets that come from an infected person sneezing or coughing in the direction of others. Coronavirus can also be spread via germs landing on keyboards, door handles, faucets and other high traffic places that multiple people touch on a consistent basis.  For this reason, it’s extremely important to wash your hands often. 

What Are The Symptoms Of Coronavirus?

According to the CDC, the symptoms of Coronavirus can include: 

  • Fever
  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath

These symptoms can appear anywhere from 2 to 14 days after exposure. 

If you feel that you are having a medical emergency (i.e. difficulty breathing) you should call 911 or visit the nearest ER. While this may not be possible during an emergency, you are encouraged to contact the ER prior to visiting so that arrangements can be made and there is no further spread of the virus. Hospitals and ambulance workers can take precautions to protect themselves and others if you can inform them of your condition.  

Again if you are having a medical emergency and cannot provide this information up front you can disregard calling first. Just do what you need to do to seek treatment as fast as possible. 

Note: For more information regarding those most at risk and 10 ways to protect yourself from the virus read our article titled How To Understand And Find Resources For Coronavirus In Houston.

What Happens During A  Coronavirus Test? 

Many of the Houston area sites will test you in a “drive-thru” process. You simply pull up in your car (or possibly walk up) and they will perform the following process

  1.  You will be swabbed.  Coronavirus testing can be done by collecting a sample (via q-tip)  from your nose or the back of your throat. While it may be uncomfortable having to collect the sample this way if you are calm they can complete the process in less than 10 seconds
  2. Sample is sent to a lab. Your sample will be placed into a sterile tube or vial and then sent to a lab for testing. 
  3. Your sample will be tested at the lab
  4. Wait for your Coronavirus test results. Test results can be given to you in less than 24 hours

Where To Go For Houston Coronavirus Testing?

Currently, Legacy Clinic, My Family Doctor Clinic and United Memorial Medical Center are providing Coronavirus testing in Houston.

Below you will find a map of locations that provide the testing. You are encouraged to contact these clinics prior to visiting due to the potential of limited supply of testing kits. 

1. My Family Doctor Clinic Coroanvirus Testing In Houston

My Family Doctor is currently providing Coronavirus testing at their SW Houston clinic. 

This clinic is a private practice that does not receive any government funding which is why they cannot offer free testing.  My Family Doctor charges $150 for the Coronavirus test. If you have insurance it should cover the cost. You should speak to your current PCP or My Family Doctor Clinic for clarification on insurance payments. 

Note: Medicare should cover the cost of Coronavirus testing in Houston.  

Testing will begin March 16th and be offered via drive-thru Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.  You are encouraged to contact My Family Doctor Clinic, because testing supplies may be limited. 

To get your Coronavirus test at this Houston clinic visit them at 6430 Hillcroft Ave, Houston, TX 77081. You can call them at 832.709.1515 or have all your questions answered by visiting Covid19DriveThru.com

2. Legacy Clinic Coroanvirus Testing In Houston

Legacy Clinic is another option for Houston Coronavirus testing. 

At Legacy Clinic the screening is free, however, individuals who need the testing will be billed on a “sliding scale”. 

Note: The sliding scale is a popular form of payment that is used for people without insurance. The cost of services is determined by your income…whatever it may be. 

Legacy will bill your insurance companies if you are insured. 

The 3 Legacy locations that are providing Houston Coronavirus testing are: 

  • 5th Ward Clinic – 3811 Lyons Ave. 
  • Montrose Clinic – 1415 California St. 
  • Southwest Clinic – 6441 High Star Dr. 

If you have questions about Coronavirus testing at Legacy Clinic call 832.548.5226

3. United Memorial Medical Center Coronavirus Testing In Houston

United Memorial Medical Center is offering Coronavirus testing in north Houston. 

Testing here is free and offered to you IF you have symptoms. 

Testing will take place Monday through Friday between 8 am to 8 pm. 

United Memorial Medical Center is located at 510 West Tidwell. You can call them at 281.618.8500 or  832.844.3746

4. MD Anderson Coronavirus Testing In Houston

This Coronavirus testing site is limited to individuals who either work at MD Anderson or their patients

Testing is done at the Diagnostic Imaging Clinic in Bellaire and done by appointments only. To be tested you also must meet screening requirements. 

For more information about this testing, option call the Diagnostic Imaging Clinic at 713.218.8310

5. City of Houston Coronavirus Testing 

The City of Houston is offering free Coronavirus testing at 2 sites. 

For testing, you need to call the Houston Health Department Coronavirus call center at 832.393.4220 between 9 am and 3 pm.

They will provide you with an ID code and instructions on where to go for testing.  You must have an ID code to be tested through the City of Houston Coronavirus testing sites. 

The City of Houston Health Department is encouraging individuals who have a cough, problems breathing and fever to call the call center. Also, people with chronic conditions like heart disease, asthma, lung disease, cancer, HIV/AIDS and pregnant women are eligible for testing. 

6.  Harris County Coronavirus Testing At ReadyHarris.org

For Coronavirus testing, through Harris County Public Health you will need to either visit the ReadyHarris.org website or call them at 832.927.7575

The way their process works is: 

  1. You will complete an online screening (4-5 questions) to see if you are “at-risk”.  If you are at risk you’ll be given an ID and phone number to call. 
  2. You will have a phone consultation where they will ask more questions about your condition. If they determine that you are “at-risk” of having Coronavirus they will provide you with information on where you can go to get testing. 
  3. You will visit your testing site to be screened. 

To receive testing you must go through this process. Harris County Public Health will not be able to screen anyone who has not gone through the enrollment process either online or by phone at 832.927.7575.

7. Everlywell (at-home Coronavirus testing kit)

If you cannot make it to a Coronavirus testing site in Houston, consider taking the test at home. 

On March 23rd the company EverlyWell will offer at-home Coronavirus testing

Note: Everlywell is a company that specializes in at-home testing for things like food sensitivity, metabolism, thyroid and now Coronavirus. 

The EverlyWell Coronavirus test will cost $135. If you have a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account those funds could cover the cost of testing. 

Anyone who receives a positive result will be offered a telehealth consult with a physician. 

Again these EverlyWell Coronavirus tests will become available on March 23rd. For more information visit their website or call them at 855.422.3855

8. Next Level Urgent Care Coronavirus Testing In Houston

Next Level Urgent Care is able to offer Coronavirus testing to individuals who are at high risk

Their criteria for high risk includes: 

  • People older than 65
  • Anyone with chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, asthma, HIV, etc
  • Healthcare  workers who may have been exposed to Coronavirus

If you have flu symptoms you can make a virtual appointment with Next Level by going here. RIGHT NOW it’s important to call Next Level (or any other clinic) prior to visiting if you feel sick so that they can screen you and prepare for your arrival. This is done to prevent community spread of Coronavirus in Houston. 

For more information about Next Level Urgent Care Coronavirus testing visit their website or call any of their locations. 

9. DetectaChem Smartphone testing for Coronavirus

DetectaChem is a Sugar Land company that is working to produce smartphone Coronavirus tests. 

There is no release date yet for this coronavirus test, although you can visit their website and enter your contact information to receive updates. You can also contact DetectaChem at 855.5.SEEKER or email them at info@detectachem.com. 

10. Coronavirus Testing in Sugar Land (Smart Financial Centre)

United Memorial Medical Center will operate a free drive-thru testing site at Sugar Land’s Smart Financial Centre. 

This site is open to the public. There is no online registration, instead, you must visit the Smart Financial Centre and be screened to see if you need testing. 

The test result will be available to you from 4 to 24 hours

Testing will take place from Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. The address to Smart Financial is 18111 Lexington Blvd, Sugar Land. 


The main thing these testing sites have in common is you must show symptoms of Coronavirus or have a doctor’s order. Without those things, you may not be tested. 

The reason these locations require this is due to the limited supply of the actual Coronavirus tests and things like masks and gloves to protect the healthcare workers. 

As more Houston Coronavirus testing sites become available we will add them to this list. Until those testing sites become available keep these things in mind to protect you and your family: 

  • (If possible) hunker down in your house to avoid large crowds
  • Wash and apply hand sanitizer often
  • Lysol your work or home
  • If you feel sick try to call your doctor or the emergency room prior to visiting to give the workers a chance to prepare for your arrival. If you are unable to do this (it’s understandable) just seek medical help as fast as you can
  • Contact Houston Coronavirus Call Center at 832.393.4220 with you Coronavirus questions
  • Call the Nurse Health Line at 713.338.7979 if you have a medical question because this line is staffed by nurses. 

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