How To Apply For Meals On Wheels In Houston

Meals on wheels in houston

How To Apply For Meals On Wheels In Houston

In this guide, I will show you how to apply for Meals on Wheels in Houston. 

If you are a homebound senior who needs help accessing daily meals this program can help you. 

I’m Nick Bryant, founder of, where I help seniors and medical professionals connect to local community resources like meals for seniors. 

Today I’m going to provide you with instructions on finding a Houston Meals on Wheels contractor that deliveries to your area. Essentially the only thing you need to do is type in your zip code. 

Keep reading! 

What Is Meals On Wheels? 

Meals on Wheels (MOW) is a government food program that delivers meals to the homes of individuals (typically seniors) who lack mobility, cannot shop for food or prepare it themselves.

Meals on Wheels has been around since 1943 and provides roughly 218 million meals per year.

Who Is Eligible For Meals On Wheels? 

To be eligible for Meals on Wheels in Houston you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be 60 years or older
  • Homebound
  • Unable to shop for your meal
  • Unable to cook a meal
  • Live in the greater Houston area

If you are the caregiver, child or spouse of someone 60 + who meets all of the eligibility requirements above you can receive Meals on Wheels services.

What Are The Benefits Of Meals On Wheels?

Meals on Wheels provides much more than a hot, nutrient-rich meal.  They also offer homebound seniors  added benefits like the following:

Improved quality of diet

MOW not only wants to ensure that seniors eat at least one meal per day, but they also ensure that it is nutritious.

Decreased food insecurity

Whether it’s a lack of money or access to a grocery store the Meals on Wheels Program ensures that every senior have a hot meal each day.

Helps seniors save money

Many of the seniors who qualify for Meals on Wheels are on a fixed income. The daily home delivered meal helps older adults to lower the cost of food each month.

Increases human contact

Many seniors in the program lack the mobility to visit a Congregate Meals site or shop for their own groceries. This means they stay inside most of the day with no human interaction.  Meals on Wheels volunteers help seniors by providing engaging with them and checking on their physical well-being.

Helps isolated seniors with referrals

In the event a volunteer visits a Meals on Wheels client and notices a problem, they can either call 911 for help immediately or if the situation is not urgent they report this information to a Meals on Wheels team lead for further follow-ups or potential referrals.

Keep seniors in their homes

In life, eating is non-negotiable. Despite a lack of mobility individuals who receive these meals remain in their homes as opposed to being forced to live in nursing homes.

What Kind Of Food Does Meals On Wheels Provide? 

Meals on Wheels in Houston delivers nutritional meals like the following:

  • Poultry
  • Seafood
  • Beef Entree
  • Diabetic and Heart Friendly Meals
  • Vegetarian Meals

What Is The Enrollment Process For Meals On Wheels? 

To enroll in Meals on Wheels in Houston you must contact the “contractor” assigned to the zip code you live in.

Each Meals on Wheels contactor/agency is assigned to a specific zip code. makes the meals, gathers volunteers, and ultimately delivers the meals to low income seniors.

In the next section, we will provide you with the names of the contractors who managed the Meals on Wheels Program in Houston.

Meals on Wheels Contractors in Houston

There are 7 Meals on Wheels contractors in Houston. Below is a listing of each contractor as well as contact information:

  • Interfaith Ministries
  • Young Women’s Christian Association
  • City of South Houston
  • Northwest Assistance Ministries
  • City of Jacinto City
  • E.R. Jewish Community Center
  • Baytown Meals on Wheels
  • City of La Porte
  • Salvation Army – Pasadena

Here is more information about each Meals on Wheels contractor.

Interfaith Ministries Meals on Wheels 

Interfaith Ministries is one of the contractors for Meals on Wheels in Houston.  They provide meals to seniors in a number of zip codes all over Houston.

One unique feature about Interfaith Ministries is they offer called AniMeals on Wheels. This program provides pet food for your pups and kittens. 

To ensure that their pets were fed, some Meals on Wheels clients would sacrifice their own food to ensure their pets ate. The AniMeals program was created to fix this problem.

Any Interfaith Ministry client who receives Meals on Wheels services automatically qualifies for the AniMeal Program.

For more information about Interfaith Ministries Meals on Wheels Program contact them at the following:

  • 3303 Main Street Houston, TX 77002 – 713.533.4900

Northwest Assistance Ministries Meals on Wheels

The Northwest Assistance Ministries (NAM) delivers meals to many of the zip codes in NW Harris County.

One unique service that NAM offers is the Food for Seniors Project.

The Food for Seniors Project delivers groceries once a month to seniors who cannot cook for themselves or have the money to afford food.

For more information about the Northwest Assistance Ministries Meals on Wheels Program contact them at:

  • 15555 Kuykendahl Road, Houston, TX 77090 – 281.855.4555

YWCA Meals on Wheels 

YWCA is the second largest provider of home-delivered meals and feeds nearly 300,000 per year.

For more information on the YWCA Meals on Wheels Program contact them at the following:

E.R. Jewish Community Center Meals on Wheels

E.R. Jewish Community Center is the last Meals on Wheels contractor we’ll tell you about.

Many of the zip codes that they service are between Highway 288 and the Southwest Freeway.

To learn more about their Meals on Wheels Program contact them at:

  • 5601 S. Braeswood, Houston, TX 77096 – 713.729.3200

In the next section, we’ll provide you with a table which you can use to locate the Meals on Wheels contractor that serves the zip code you live in.

Meals On Wheels By Houston Zip Code 

Below you will find a table with listings of each zip code and the Meals on Wheel contractor that services the area.

To find the contractor that delivers in your area you need to type in the zip code that you live. Once you do this the Meals on Wheels contractor will appear. Call this contractor to ensure that they serve your zip code and then ask about the enrollment process for Meals on Wheels.

Zip ContractorPhone
77002Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77003Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77004Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77005E.R. Jewish Community Center713.729.3200
77006E.R. Jewish Community Center / Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978 or 713.729.3200
77007Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77008Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77009Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77011Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77012Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77013Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77014Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77015Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77016Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77017Interfaith Ministries / City of South Houston713.533.4978 or 713.947.7700
77018Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77019Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77020Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77021Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77022Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77023Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77024Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77025E.R. Jewish Community Center713.729.3200
77026Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77027Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77028Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77029Interfaith Ministries / City of Jacinto City 713.533.4978 or 713.675.4487
77030E.R. Jewish Community Center713.729.3200
77031E.R. Jewish Community Center713.729.3200
77032Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77033Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77034City of South Houston713.947.7700
77035E.R. Jewish Community Center713.729.3200
77036Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77037Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77038Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77039Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77040Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77041Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77042Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77043Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77044Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77045E.R. Jewish Community Center713.729.3200
77046Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77047Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77048Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77049Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77050Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77051Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77053Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77054Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77055Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77056Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77057Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77058Baytown MOW281.427.2145
77059Baytown MOW281.427.2145
77060Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77061Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77062Baytown MOW281.427.2145
77063Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77064Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77065Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77066Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77067Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77068Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77069Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77070Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77071E.R. Jewish Community Center713.729.3200
77072Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77073Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77074E.R. Jewish Community Center713.729.3200
77075Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77076Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77077Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77078Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77079Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77080Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77081E.R. Jewish Community Center713.729.3200
77082Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77083Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77084Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77085E.R. Jewish Community Center713.729.3200
77086Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77087Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77088Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77089Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77090Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77091Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77092Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77093Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77094Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77095Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77096E.R. Jewish Community Center713.729.3200
77098Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77099Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77336Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77338Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77339Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77345Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77346Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77347Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77373Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77375Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77377Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77379Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77386Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77388Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77389Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77396Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77401E.R. Jewish Community Center713.729.3200
77429Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77433Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77447Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77449Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77450Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77484Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77493Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77502Salvation Army - Pasadena713.378.0020
77503Salvation Army - Pasadena713.378.0020
77504Salvation Army - Pasadena713.378.0020
77505Salvation Army - Pasadena713.378.0020
77506Salvation Army - Pasadena713.378.0020
77507Salvation Army - Pasadena713.378.0020
77520Baytown Meals on Wheels281.427.2145
77521Baytown Meals on Wheels281.427.2145
77530Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77532Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77536Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77547City of Jacinto City 713.675.4487
77562Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77565Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77571City of La Porte 281.470.9897
77586Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77587City of South Houston713.947.7700
77598Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978

Meals On Wheels Program For Disabled Adults In Houston

Individuals who have a disability need to call the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services at 713.692.1635 to apply for the program. 



Meals on Wheels helps low income seniors in the Houston area by delivering hot meals to their doorstep. 

The first step in setting up your meal deliveries is finding the nonprofit agency that coordinates deliveries. 

If you were unable to find the contractor who services your zip code, simply leave a comment below and I will respond with the nonprofit and telephone number that you will need to call. 

God bless! 

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18 thoughts on “How To Apply For Meals On Wheels In Houston

  1. Joan DePriest Moody Reply

    Why isn’t zip code 77072 included? I live in a house with another Senior citizen and we could benefit from the Meals on Wheels program.

  2. Gloria Sanders Reply

    Hello I’m looking for a location and number that service zip code 77026 thanks.

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Good question Lionila because I dont have them listed. If you contact Meals on Wheels Montgomery County at 936-756-5828 they can let you know about qualifications to get your family started.

      Also, look at Montgomery County Food Bank for even more food assistance in the area. You can call them at 936-271-8800.

  3. Lydia Reply

    Hello, I live in Dallas Tx. I would like to see how I can get my sister in this program. I have called two different numbers, but one says it is no longer in service and the other number that is for her zip code is for some contract company. My sister has lupus, is doing dialysis at home, has had heart surgery, diabetic, knees replacement (not a good outcome on that) She is in a wheelchair that she shares with her husband, who is also in dialysis, has also had heart surgery, had both legs amputated, and diabetic. Moving around is hard for them, but have been able to manage. My family that live close to them do their best, but at times it is difficult. She recently got out of the hospital for chest pain due to her heart, then was intubated due to not able to breathe on her own. She sounds very weak, and I worry that she isn’t eating much, I don’t understand why they let her go home? Can you please guide me where or who to call. I appreciate a reply as soon as you can.

    Thank you

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi Lydia, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble your sister is going through, but your help probably means a lot to her. Regarding her Meals on Wheels distributor, what is her zip code? If she is in Houston consider contacting the Houston Food Bank at 832.369.9390 ( …must have coronavirus or be quarantined to receive deliveries from Houston Food Bank. Area Agency on Aging 832.393.4301 ( may also be delivering meals to seniors.

      Most agencies that deliver food (meals on wheels, etc) train their delivery drivers to ask about the well-being of the clients they deliver to. If your sister is feeling ill during the delivery, they can assist her w contacting 911 if necessary.

      Again, just let me know the zip and I’ll look into that provider for you asap.

      Updated: Crowdsource may be able to help her with food also. The qualifications are must be 65 and older, have a chronic condition and low income. Go to their website for more details:

  4. Maryann Reply

    Hi Mr. Bryant. Do you have any contacts for meals on wheels or any other food delivery programs for 77407

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi Maryann, hope all is well w you and your family. It appears that 77407 is Fort Bend County and while I don’t personally know much about services in the area two places you can follow up with are:

      1. Fort Bend County Health and Humans Services Department:

      2. East Fort Bend Human Needs Ministries – Don’t think they cover that zip code but they should be able to better direct you to services

      Another option is checking the Nextdoor app. Its like Facebook, but you only see people in the zip codes near you. I’m in SE Houston, but I’ve seen lots of people from my area helping other neighbors w food delivery and directing them to local churches that are helping also.

  5. Marilyn Bledsoe Reply

    I am a senior looking for someone to do maintenance around my home. Can you help?

  6. Michelle Reyes Reply

    Thank you for being a great help and resource for the people. 🥰

  7. Nilda Reply

    I’ve called and left a message with my zip code contractor, but get no response. Can I call elsewhere to see if my husband and I qualify?

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi Nilda, not sure which contractor you tried but maybe calling Interfaith Ministries at 713.533.4978. They have always pointed me in the right direction when I had the wrong contractor in the past. What zip code are you in?

      You can also try using the national Meals on Wheels website in the event there is a mistake on my end.

      If none of that helps let me know and I’ll try and find your contractor for you.

      God bless!


  8. Maria Garza Reply

    I would like to where can I get help with meals on wheels for my elder parents one is bed ridden and the other one has vision problems she can’t drive anymore.

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi Maria! It all depends on the zip code. Just provide the zip code your parents live in and I’ll give you the Houston meals on wheels contractor for that zip code.

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