Where To Find Low Income Housing Tax Credit Apartments In Houston

tax credit apartments in houston

Where To Find Low-Income Tax Credit Apartments In Houston

Finding affordable housing in Houston has become more difficult than ever.

**shakes fist at rich California residents moving here**

If you are living on a low-income in Houston your options are essentially  Houston Public Housing, Section 8 or New Hope housing (if you are a single adult).

Recently I learned of yet a new option for affordable housing in Houston, its called the low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC).

In this article, I will teach you about the low-income housing tax credit and show you where you can find these “tax credit” apartments in Houston.

What Is The Low Income Housing Tax Credit? 

Created in 1993, this housing program provides a tax credit to builders/landlords who offer low-income apartment units to residents.

If you are considered low-income you can benefit from this program by paying a smaller percentage of the cost of the apartment.


Eligibility Requirements For Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Apartments In Houston

Here are some of the requirements to qualify for a Low-Income Housing Tax Credit apartment in Houston:

  • Income requirements (typically below 60% of AMI or Area Median Income)
  • Some tax credit apartments only accept seniors
  • Decent credit is needed. It does not have to be perfect, however, a poor credit report will likely make you ineligible.
  • Your rental history. If you have a good rental history with no evictions or broken leases this will help you. Should you have a bad rental history or poor credit, try working with an apartment locator they can help. Our article titled Apartment Locators In Houston will get you started.
  • Criminal background check. Having a record will not disqualify you from the program although it will make it more difficult. If you have a record there are still housing options for you. See our article titled 11 Ways To Find Housing For Felons In Houston and you will discover options available to you.
  • You are not required to be a citizen. Programs like Public Housing and Section 8 do require that you be a US citizen but not necessarily the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program.  The only way that citizenship would be required is if the property you are applying for is subject to other programs. Some complexes are a combination of both LIHTC and Section 8. If you are not a US citizen simply the ask them if you would be eligible when you call these tax credit apartments in Houston.

More On The Income Requirements For Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Apartments In Houston 

An easy way to tell if you qualify for a tax credit apartment is falling below 60% of AMI. If you do there is a good chance you are eligible.

Income1 Person2 Person3 Person4 Person5 Person
60% of AMI$32,100 36,660$41,220 $45,780 $49,500

One thing to remember is tax credit apartments are not free, you will pay something. That amount depends on your income.

Each tax credit apartment has a tiered system which determines how much your rent might be each month. Tiers are typically 60%, 40%, 30%.

For example, if an apartment regularly rents for $1000 a month and you fell in the 60% tier, you would pay $600 a month.

For the 40% tier, you’re paying $400 a month. The 30% tier would be $300 a month.

Where To Find Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Apartments In Houston

Below is a map with a listing of tax credit apartments in Houston.

Special thanks to Jayme Fraser for putting this detailed map together. Follow her on Twitter!

We are in the process of putting phone numbers to each map plot, but in the meantime, you will need to:

  1. Click on each plot
  2. Make note of the apartment name
  3. Google search the apartment name for the phone number and inquire about availability

When you call a tax credit apartment in Houston, first confirm that they are a “tax credit property” and then ask them how you can apply.

How To Apply For Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Apartments In Houston

The application process is simple. You obtain an application, complete it and submit it for a chance to qualify for affordable housing in Houston.

Obtain An Application

Each tax credit apartment has a different application process, but it will come down to completing the application online, via mail or in person.

You must contact the tax credit apartment to learn about the application process.

You do not apply for Low-Income Housting Tax Credit Apartments at the local housing authority. It must be done at the tax credit apartment.

Complete The Application

You will need to complete the application via computer, mail or in person. Tax Credit apartment applications do require an application fee. Generally, this ranges from $16 to $25.

Public Housing and Section 8 applications (unlike low-income housing tax credit) do not require application fees

Submit The Application

Lastly, submit your application.

After You Apply For A Tax Credit Apartment 

If you are applying for a low-income housing tax credit apartment in Houston there is a good chance you will be placed on a waitlist.

Estimate Your Time On The Waitlist

To estimate your time you can simply ask the tax credit apartment how long you might be waiting. If they cannot tell you how long your wait is, then ask them what date are they pulling applications from?  

If you applied in June 2019 and they are currently reviewing applicants from March 2019, you will still have to wait for help.

Continue Contact With The Tax Credit Apartment

Follow up with the tax credit apartment each month to learn about your placement on the waitlist and get the office workers familiar with who you are.

Make sure your phone is on and never lose access to your email account. When the apartment contacts you, you need to respond immediately.  If your response is delayed you could be purged off the list.


The good thing about Low-Income Housing Tax Credit apartments in Houston is not many people are familiar with them.

Everyone does, however, know about Section 8 and the Houston Housing Authority which causes a lot more demand for those housing options.

Despite the relative secret of this program, it still requires work on your part. We have provided you with a map of tax credit apartments so be sure to periodically follow up with them if you are seeking affordable housing in Houston.